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  • Unit 3 Victory Park, Solent Way
    PO15 7FN Whiteley, Hampshire
  • +44 (0)1489 660140

Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd

Why is Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd the best choice for you?

STP is a specialist Nordic language services provider and as such we specialise in translation into the Nordic languages and English. STP handles all projects involving the Nordic languages (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic), as well as those involving English as a target language, with particularly strong experience in translating into English from European source languages.

More about Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd:

We specifically choose not to market STP’s services directly to end-users of translation work. Instead, we concentrate on serving the needs of other translation companies looking for a one-stop solution for all translation and localisation work involving the Nordic languages and/or English as a target language.

What can Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd offer you?

STP provides translation & revision in accordance with the ISO 17100 translation standard, using a large in-house team of professional translators and dedicated linguist project managers as well as pool of over 500 freelancers, all of them selected based on the criteria in the ISO 17100 standard. As mentioned above, we are certified to the international translation services standard ISO 17100. All work carried out in compliance with ISO 17100 comprises translation and revision, i.e. proofreading by a second qualified linguist. However, because of our position as a supplier to other translation companies, we also carry out translation-only work, where our price comprises the thorough and properly executed translation of one linguist. All our translators work according to good industry practice, researching the topic, proofreading their own translation and running a spell check before delivery. Our project managers also carry out completeness and layout/format checking.

Who preceded you?

We provide an extensive range of translation services to 370 translation companies throughout Europe and the US. Our services include translation, revision, editing, terminology work and other linguistic tasks.

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Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd in summary


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